March 11, 2010

Day 11 Lovin Nelson- Appreciation in Absence

Way back when I was on my third ever commitment, Chris and I went to Kelowna to visit his neuro-psychologist. We had a great trip. On that trip I wrote one of my favourite entries ever. Here is link if you want to trip down memory lane with me.

We are off to make that same trek again. The thing that strikes me is just how different things are now, and at the same time that some things have not changed despite the crazy turns our life has taken. I didn’t even know Michael last time I went to Kelowna with Chris, now he is enmeshed in our lives. It is he who is taking care of the kids while we go away to see where Chris is at with his brain trauma. The thing that hasn’t changed is how much Chris and I love each other. We have been together (for the most part) since September of 1993. We have been through hell and back again(to borrow one of Chris' MANY colloquialisms) and here we are, still in love. The love has morphed, aged, deepened, expanded, the love is not the same as it was when we first met, back when we couldn’t keep our hands off each other for more than a day. Love matures, something I imagine a lot of folk who have never been in a long term committed relationship could find hard to understand. 17 years is a long time to stay consciously commitment to both a relationship and to self. We have done an amazing job.

Oh and I suppose I should acknowledge that it may seem difficult to appreciate Nelson when I am not even there. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions. If you have ever been to the hospital in Kelowna you will probably understand that existing in this environment for two days REALLY gives me a chance to appreciate where I live....(shiver). To be honest when I started this commitment I completely forgot I was going away. I am making the situation work anyway. Gosh it is good to be my own boss, self determination is the bomb!

“How has you life changed in the last year?” is the question in 12 days journal #333

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