March 5, 2010

Day 5 Lovin Nelson- Quote Basket

“Perception is a choice and not a fact.
But on this choice depends far more
than you realize as yet.
For on the voice you choose to hear, and on the sights you choose to see,
depends entirely your whole belief in what you are.”

I may have read this 6 months ago and believed I knew what it meant, and in a way I did. Now though, after 6 months of peeling back the layers, I get it in a whole new way. I have learned to love myself a whole lot better, and the more I love myself, the more loveable I get, and the easier it gets to keep on loving myself. The more I love myself, the easier it is to love everyone around me. I still struggle some days. Today I walked through a storm created by two people who love each other so strongly, two people desperate to be heard, knowing this was imperative to cease the fading. At the end of the day I loved and loved and loved when I could have cried, could have felt pain. I choose to see what was right in front of me, to hear my own sweet voice running through my head reminding me over and over of the love that I have for so much and so many. I choose to hear and see what creates a belief in myself that brings comfort and joy. The amazing thing was when I held this mantra of self love, I could hear almost anything and not take it personally....almost anything. Imagine, this lesson finally coming at this time. If I wanted to be cynical I could say “To little too late”, but I choose faith, I know that everything is perfect, exactly as it is.

If I forget any of this will you please remind me?

Thank you.

Oh and I have one more,

“Reality cannot ‘threaten’ anything except illusions, since reality can only uphold the truth”

I am starting to understand this better, another layer was peeled on the understanding of this one today. I am getting better at seeing it. I am growing and as spring brings us these bright shiny days, my tender shoots will emerge from the ground. They will grow and grow and grow. All my hard work this winter, work which went virtually unseen, matted roots pushing against frozen ground, will give way to effortless growth; leaves unfurling soaking up the nourishing light.

Here is one last quote, it was spoken aloud to me tonight when I asked the question..

“Who are you?”

“I am light”,
he says.

“Thank you...Who are you?”, I reply.

Yes you sure are.

“Who are you?” is the question in 12 days journal #327

Just to add a little humour to this string of “ugh” posts here is puppetji doing “Who am I?”...this one is my personal favourite.


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  2. oh how could i have been away for so long??!!

    i had started reading at the March 9th entry (i saw you today at Oso and again after dark and you were on my mind . . . ) and was working my way back when i came across this treasure of a post.

    you know, sometimes you just dig right inside of my being and elucidate the changes and realizations that were just on the tip of my . . . everything!!!

    in place of answering the question of Who am I?,
    i thought i would instead let you know that

    You are a LighThousE!

    the connections you have with your thoughts and feelings and your unabashed commitment to writing it all down here sheds light in darker times for me.
    (i could go on with endless "ships in a stormy sea" references but i won't!!)

    i noticed that you are very near to completing your goal of one year. thanks for sticking to it, i wish you courage and EaSe as you experience the last days. . . you're inspiring sister!
    xoxo, michelle