April 17, 2009

Day 7 Pulpit Rock- Journal in the flesh

The 12 days journals look like something like this. Though they are all slightly different. This is 12 days journal #6, in the flesh.


The front of the journals say:

This journal is part of a year long experiment which is recorded at:


If you feel inspired please participate in this journal. Then either leave it for others to do the same, take with you and leave it somewhere exotic (even if this is just two blocks away), give it to a friend, take it to a party, you decide. If it is full PLEASE send it to one of the addresses on the back of the journal.

How do you participate? Read inside the front cover, there will be a question. Write an answer, poem, song, story or draw a picture, anything that you are inspired to add.

When the journal comes home it will be entered into the blog. Remember the number of this journal (look at the top of the inside front cover) to make it easier to track your entry.

Hearing about journal sightings is always exciting, send an email to:


Thank you for being an inspiration!

I use only Moleskine cahiers. They are durable, relatively inexpensive and I can write all over them to make them highly visible. They have WRITE IN ME! written on the front and the back, and have my email address 12days2inspire@gmail.com and blog address www.12days2inspire.blogspot.com on them a number of times as well. And most importantly they are cheap to mail back! They can be mailed for the cost of a letter if put inside an envelope. I know that sending a journal back costs you something. I really appreciate it, and so do many others. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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  1. come leave one in Slave - how exciting it would be to find one! :)