March 8, 2010

Day 8 Lovin Nelson- Calm

I was told an amazing story today. A man I love and admire, despite not knowing him super well, told me he intuited that I blogged about him. Is that cool or what? He has spent 62 long years on this earth. Has dedicated himself to a path of truth, and has followed a Buddhist path for nearly 30 years. He practices Tantric yoga and has created a company building homes in a way which does right by the world, including the Mother.

He had heard about the 12 days project a few days before we saw each other at a dance. I wrote about dancing with him, around the same time he decided to look up my blog. He intuited the web address despite not having heard the name of it, typed it in and ended up on the very day I wrote about him. Wow, I would say he is pretty connected.

I hear this story as I sat on his couch. Mostly though he didn’t talk, he listened, asked me what I needed. I told him, rest, connection, love, and ease. Why is the ease always the one which seems so elusive?

Thank you friend, for wise words, soft heart space and a gentle reminder of breath.


“Do you trust your intuition?” is the question in 12 days journal #330

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