March 24, 2010

Last Commitment! Dénouement

Of course I had to do this Bernice style...who was I kidding? I was convinced until less than an hour ago that I would take it easy at the end, use it as a nice tidy wrap up, a way of expressing gratitude...blah blah blah. But nope...that’s not my style. I need to complete this the way I went in, with eyes wide open and no safety net...and yes I am aware that I am being dramatic.


I commit to reading one month of my blog everyday for 12 days. To using what that months “episodes”, as my lovely friend Rachel refers to them as, to inspire my daily blog entry. I commit to, as honestly as I possibly can, reflect on the past year of my life with you all. How is that for transparent? Truthful? Committed?

Are you ready?

I don’t know if I am... but here I go anyway.... Down the Raabis Hole.

1 comment:

  1. This seems to me like a nice wrap-up. I am interested to see how our perceptions of the last year's posts are similar and/or different, what we both will be taking away from this journey, etc. There is a time and place for living in the moment, and there is a time and a place for honest reflection on the past and the lessons learned. LIVING in the past = not good, but REFLECTING on it can sometimes be amazingly insightful and important and self-affirming. Have fun with this one! :-)