March 14, 2010

Day 2 On Time- Truth Time

ACK!!! Well that was a miserable failure. I totally flaked on the commitment and didn’t get the entry up in time. I was exhausted after Chris’ surprise party. I could barely get undressed let alone work. But TODAY, today and EVERY other day I am going to get the entry up ON TIME! Only 22 days what a year this has been.

One more thing. It is time.

Time to tell you that Michael moved out. I strive to be transparent and truthful with this blog, but it was just too close to my heart to say so before now. He left on March 6th. I am still unclear what our relationship will look like in the future. I have grieved then let my anger rise up and am working on acceptance. I don’t have the clarity to say any more.

“What are you committed to?” is the question in 12 days journal #336