March 18, 2010

Day 6 On Time- Oops


“When have you not lived up to your commitments?“ is the question in 12 days journal #340

I may not have written and submitted this entry on time but I did receive the following response to yesterdays entry on fear. It comes from my very new friend Keith and since IT was written on time I am going to let myself off the hook. I wanted to share it with you all because I think it is brilliant.

“haha. ok I'm getting a little chuckle here...I'd like to suggest you approach your fear not as a horrible something to get rid but as an important part of yourself that is desperate to be heard...the problem with not listening to your fears is that a) they are part of you so it's a form of self-hatred to ignore or deny them their proper place in your conscious expression...this leads to a repetition of of karma because a fear that is held and not given full and proper release will draw back the same types of experiences until this happens..

the second issue is that without hearing your fears in a way that is non-judgmental towards them, your conscious mind is often unable to discern whether it is an old fear that is being triggered and is seeking release or a new and real threat that needs to be treated and responded to as such..

this is further complicated because fear and anger have a very bad rap in a lot of spiritual teachings..keep in mind that many of these teachings/traditions were originally practised by men who've never been laid and which reflect serious denied inferiority complexes towards all things feminine, especially emotional expression.”

Yes yes yes. Such a good reply! Especially the last paragraph. It is so true that our spiritual teaching from the east come nearly exclusively from men, celibate men at that! There is nothing wrong with this, celibate men have a lot to teach. What I want to know is where are the spiritual teachings from the womyn who loved to make love as a spiritual practice? Now there are some teachings I could really learn from!



  1. Barbara Marciniak: Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
    You're probably familiar with Barbara's work. Deep trance channel receiving information from the Pleiades. Amongst many other things the book also talks about the history of evolution of the Goddess energy: "there came a time within the Goddess realm when there was a tremendous abuse of the male vibration. Women, influenced by outside sources,lost their honoring and partnership with men, and their sense of unity between men and women. After a while, within the realm of Goddess, men became nothing more then a stud service. Women got so lost in their Goddess power that the men were not considered equal. Men were considered to be objects to bring about the rights of fertility.Many men were killed after one-time fertility rituals with representatives of the local Goddess. Castration and other sacrifices were performed. It is true. Women misused the sexual energy of men, creating the current backlash. This is all changing, and You will find the Goddess, with compassion, entering the lives of those willing to feel."
    "Embracing the Goddess will open the Living Library to You and teach You the secrets held deep within the bosom of Mother Earth, for who is the Earth Mother if not the Goddess herself."
    According to these extraterrestrials the "prime creator" is a female vibration, therefore the Goddess Mother and her nurturing energy needs to be embraced by women and men equally. In this particular chapter they also offer quite 'far out' techniques and energy exercises.
    My point is, this is the first time, perhaps ever, when female and male engergies come together in a harmonious dance creating a world, where thoughts and emotions are "overstood" as powerful tools that can be used for a much deeper comprehension of this glorious NOW.
    Lots of love,

  2. Fear is like a fire - good servant, but a bad master !

  3. hmmm...fear is a largely misunderstood and misrepresented emotion that needs to be [finally] allowed to express freely like every other emotion..this is the only path available now for evolving it and bringing it back within love. it is not ok to control subjugate or deny these in any way any longer. the patronising condescending and judgmental attitudes towards the emotional body that characterise so very many currently popular 'spiritual' platitudes must now be completely and forever discarded for they are in fact the root of the problem. we can't deny our fears any longer - it's time to get hardcore and real with where we are really at, not just where we would wish we really were. unconditional acceptance of the process surrounding balancing and freeing our Will [divine emotional feminine aspect] is necessary if we want to get to where we want to be and if we want to remain on earth through the earth changes. those who are unable to do this at this time are pretty much screwed and to be honest it's not going to be pretty or very much fun at all. it's quite simply time to piss or get off the pot and start walking our talk.

    ps: the aspect of the matriarchy that was involved in the insane excesses described above was not actually the goddess but a rage polarised fragment/imposter of the mother who laid false claim to her position by aligning with lucifer a very long time


  4. I have nothing to add, since Keith's first two paragraphs (quoted in your post, Bernice) totally and completely resonate with me as TRUTH. I have never truly been able to stop allowing a fear to rule me until I have explored and embraced it and allowed it to be heard and honored and released (or maybe even integrated? but in a positive rather than negative way).

    With Keith's permission, I would like to share his words with some friends of mine who would appreciate them.