March 20, 2010

Day 8 On Time- Flying Down

I just wrote a whole post about the beauty of the world, the beauty of my day, it was such an inspired beautiful post, a masterpiece!....and blogging software dropped the ball and DELETED IT!! Ok so I am going to try and recreate, but know it will NEVER be as good as the one I wrote in the moment...oh the agony of loss! (Yes I am being dramatic)

This is my friend Ben.

He and Jill kicked my ass out of bed this morning, used every trick in the book to get me to commit to going up Pulpit Rock. Even my claims at having to “be mindful of energy expenditure” didn’t deter them. Jill even offered to carry me up the mountain. Getting up was a little harder than it used to be. I used to function like a diesel engine when I had my old body. My beautiful old body that was often a little cranky and didn’t want to get started would then run for hours on mountain trials. My new body functions more like a “crotch rocket” (Jill’s words). Ben went up higher than we did, he was planning to paraglide off the top of the mountain. Jill and I sat in the sun in our bras, journalling and eating muffins as we waited for his call from the sky. Jill heard it first. She jumped up and we waved and danced on the earth as Ben waved and danced in the sky. He was 5 minutes from the ground, we on the other hand had to make it down the mountain to the car and drive to the soccer field...we had to move it! We gathered our stuff and did our own flying. One glorious benefit to my new body is its amazing agility, with all these muscles and little weight to slow me down I can FLY!! It felt glorious to control fall the whole trail all the way down. It was like gliding over the land. Jill had a hard time keeping up to me, even with her long legs. I do have to admit at this point that she also was left holding all our gear, part of the deal to get me up the mountain. She is such a good friend. I feel alive today, this glorious first day of spring.

WE DID IT!! We got through winter! HOORAY!

(Jill, Ben and I this morning on top of Pulpit Rock)

It is going to be a good summer, I can feel it.

Happy Eostar everyone. Celebrate today, celebrate life, rebirth, new beginnings, new love, old love, love, love!

Love is what it is all about. <3

"What is one of the best days you can remember experiencing?" is the question in 12 days journal #342

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  1. It feels so good to fly doesn't it. There are times when I am walking in the mountains and I see a bird flying below me and I realize that flying is not moving through the air but it is the embodiment of lightness and joy in whatever corporeal form we are in. Running through the trees, parkour'ing, jumping off a log, leaping from a cliff into the water or sitting down to a wonderful meal all has that, for me, feeling of soaring and riding the currents of life with no attachment to anything except that moment. That is flying. You are a flier. I'm so glad that you kicked it up the pulpit. You have some pretty amazing friends.