March 19, 2010

Day 7 On Time- Water Love

So much has happened today, why can’t I think of what to write? Oh wait I got a message from my friend Rachel, something about how to love a womyn! If it comes from Rachel then it must be good, not only that if it is good then I can simply do a repost. It is what I do when I am feeling lazy. Today was a hard day, a delightful day, but also hard. Ok I am going to look at the thing Rach sent now.

(very little time passes)

I only read the beginning quote and the first line, I am posting it without reading the rest, I don’t need to know anymore to know it belongs on my blog. I will read the rest once I submit this entry.


If You Want to Change the World… Love a Woman

"When a fairly spiritual male friend of mine who had finally found and was deepening into committed relationship with his soul mate confided in me he was thinking of being single again, and in the next breath expressed his latest idea for raising consciousness worldwide, I wrote this poem." - Lisa Citore

If you want to change the world… love a woman-really love her.
Find the one who calls to your soul, who doesn’t make sense.
Throw away your check list and put your ear to her heart and listen.
Hear the names, the prayers, the songs of every living thing-
every winged one, every furry and scaled one,
every underground and underwater one, every green and flowering one,
every not yet born and dying one…
Hear their melancholy praises back to the One who gave them life.
If you haven’t heard your own name yet, you haven’t listened long enough.
If your eyes aren’t filled with tears, if you aren’t bowing at her feet,
you haven’t ever grieved having almost lost her.

If you want to change the world… love a woman-one woman
beyond yourself, beyond desire and reason,
beyond your male preferences for youth, beauty and variety
and all your superficial concepts of freedom.
We have given ourselves so many choices
we have forgotten that true liberation
comes from standing in the middle of the soul’s fire
and burning through our resistance to Love.
There is only one Goddess.
Look into Her eyes and see-really see
if she is the one to bring the axe to your head.
If not, walk away. Right now.
Don’t waste time “trying.”
Know that your decision has nothing to do with her
because ultimately it’s not with who,
but when we choose to surrender.

If you want to change the world… love a woman.
Love her for life-beyond your fear of death,
beyond your fear of being manipulated
by the Mother inside your head.
Don’t tell her you’re willing to die for her.
Say you’re willing to LIVE with her,
plant trees with her and watch them grow.
Be her hero by telling her how beautiful she is in her vulnerable majesty,
by helping her to remember every day that she IS Goddess
through your adoration and devotion.

If you want to change the world… love a woman
in all her faces, through all her seasons
and she will heal you of your schizophrenia-
your double-mindedness and half-heartedness
which keeps your Spirit and body separate-
which keeps you alone and always looking outside your Self
for something to make your life worth living.
There will always be another woman.
Soon the new shiny one will become the old dull one
and you’ll grow restless again, trading in women like cars,
trading in the Goddess for the latest object of your desire.
Man doesn’t need any more choices.
What man needs is Woman, the Way of the Feminine,
of Patience and Compassion, non-seeking, non-doing,
of breathing in one place and sinking deep intertwining roots
strong enough to hold the Earth together
while she shakes off the cement and steel from her skin.

If you want to change the world… love a woman, just one woman .
Love and protect her as if she is the last holy vessel.
Love her through her fear of abandonment
which she has been holding for all of humanity.
No, the wound is not hers to heal alone.
No, she is not weak in her codependence.

If you want to change the world… love a woman
all the way through
until she believes you,
until her instincts, her visions, her voice, her art, her passion,
her wildness have returned to her-
until she is a force of love more powerful
than all the political media demons who seek to devalue and destroy her.

If you want to change the world,
lay down your causes, your guns and protest signs.
Lay down your inner war, your righteous anger
and love a woman…
beyond all of your striving for greatness,
beyond your tenacious quest for enlightenment.
The holy grail stands before you
if you would only take her in your arms
and let go of searching for something beyond this intimacy.

What if peace is a dream which can only be re-membered
through the heart of Woman?
What if a man’s love for Woman, the Way of the Feminine
is the key to opening Her heart?

If you want to change the world…love a woman
to the depths of your shadow,
to the highest reaches of your Being,
back to the Garden where you first met her,
to the gateway of the rainbow realm
where you walk through together as Light as One,
to the point of no return,
to the ends and the beginning of a new Earth.

-Lisa Citore

“How do you love women?“
is the question in 12 days journal #341

I love Jill.

I can’t wait to read (or perhaps write) “If You Want to Change the World....Love a Man”


  1. That poem was really talking to me! I love so many women, now only for fleeting moments in a conversation or even a glance and then it's on to another, not wanting to give up the possibility, or the impossible possibility of loving all women, or at least all the women I know and like. It reminds me of the story of Balaam's ass, who starved to death being unable to decide which pile of equally delicious carrots to eat. Choice sometimes creates paralysis.I am privileged to know many beautiful and lovely women, both inside and out, and sometime I will find myself in a relationship with one woman in particular and meanwhile and even after that time I will love and appreciate all the women in my life any way I can, and count my blessings.

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  3. If you want to change a man,
    love him, really Love him.

    Even when he disagrees with you at home, and says you're being unreasonable.
    Know that he will still defend you and your opinion to the ends of the earth against anyone who would speak badly of you,
    no matter what

    Love him for his innate ability to persevere, despite all odds,
    to 'make it work', to get it done, to continue on,
    to do whatever it takes...
    especially if the reward is to make you smile

    If you want to change a man,
    Love him.

    Even if he has become dull and boring.

    If you can't yell him away from the TV, try teasing him away instead.
    He can't watch football when his face is smothered up with your sweet lovin'

    If you want to change a man,
    Love him.

    Love him for his wisdom, even if he doesn't live it...yet.

    Know that he is still in the process of writing the whole story,
    he's just giving you the crib-notes to make sure you are still interested.
    Love him, and you will get to read the whole novel.

    The gift of giving birth to all beings was given to womyn,
    The gift of birthing abstract visions into be-ing was given to man.
    Love him for that gift, for that powerful mind and willing hands
    that can transform any concept to completion.

    Allow him to enjoy his wild, dream-filled joyrides, from time to time...
    Just one disdainful word from you against his creations of imagination
    and you may see All his dreams vanish in the blink of an idea,
    not just the ones you didn't like.

    So Love him, and his fantasies too!
    Go on! Ride in his fantasy cloud-car WITH him...
    maybe his dreams won't seem so 'far out'
    when you are flying right along beside him.

    If you want to change a man,
    Love him.

    Because everything he does is for you
    (whether you believe it, or not, it's true)

    Even if he gets drunk too often, and wanders in too late at night.
    Love him, because he is not doing it to get away from you,
    he is doing it because he is trying to drown the pain he feels
    when he hasn't been feeling your love.

    If you want to change a man,
    Love him.

    Even when the little boy inside him comes out, crying for attention.
    And when that same fearful boy throws a tantrum at the dining room table
    Love him, give him a hug, laugh at his antics (not out loud, though)
    just like you would with a three year old who's 'acting out'

    Your getting angry at him will only remind him
    of the chaos he already feels within...
    Love him, because he is not angry at YOU

    He is angry at the world,
    at the times he hasn't been able to please you,
    and all the times when others have
    closed him down, shut him up, turned him away

    If you want to change a man,
    Love him, AND his anger.
    Knowing that when his storm is raging inside
    your love is really the only sanctuary that he seeks
    and your watery passion can magically transform
    his fires of anger into torrid rivers of compassion.

    If you want to change a man,
    Love him.

    Because he is growing too, just like you,
    and the pains of that growth are real.
    Sometimes they cut to the bone
    and only the gentleness of your woman's touch
    will allow him to feel safe enough
    to take the rest and the time he needs
    to heal his aching wounds and tired mind.

    Love him.

    that your shining eyes
    staring at him,
    like he is the only man in the world
    is the only thing he needs
    to feel ok with the world,
    and himself.

  4. Lisa Citore's poem reminds me of a friend whose husband loves her like that. It is incredibly beautiful to see! She's very lucky!

  5. Bernice,

    You are amazing!
    What an accomplishment.
    I hope you fully celebrate the realization of your commitment...

    "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

  6. That was me - Lilli* (I don't know how to do it any other way other than "anonymous" :))