March 2, 2010

Day 2 Lovin Nelson- Shine 324

The everyday dance is essential to keeping alive what was created in the dome by the ocean where I danced with so many loved ones. So many beautiful people who opened their hearts and said YES to the world, to God, to me, to themselves. Jill helps to remind me to do the everyday dance.

She saw me in Oso this afternoon while I was reconnecting with one of my beautiful brothers, a peaceful warrior ready to take the sword when the time comes . Actually scratch that last part, he already taken the sword time and time again, he has shown up to be his glorious self, even in the face of fear. Jill danced in and reminded me to dance. We set a date, when I was done my conversation and coffee I was to make my way to her shop to dance.

I walked in and told her what I needed. I need support in staying on track, in finishing this project. I need someone to kick my ass out of conversation and down to a quiet space to write. I need to take all the love that I have conjured in the last 11 days and use MY medium, this blog, to spread that love. Love is infectious, I see it time and time again. I saw it last night with my family when I stood up to Chris with a powerful dose of love as our children watched. It was a little tense at first but by the end we were all in a big love cuddle pile. Lily beamed from ear to ear as she witnessed the proof of our families love. Love truly is the way, it is the answer. So simple.

In honour of the everyday dance here is a link to a beautiful sister who is doing a similar project to my own. She is committing to filming a dance everyday, doing her everyday dance and sharing it with the world. She is a bright beautiful light. Shine sister shine! And for the rest of you who enjoy watching Mary’s dance, or reading my words and who are finding your own way to spread shine too!!. Infect the world with your own personal elixir, intoxicate others the way that only you can, because there is only one you. If you do not let your personal love shine it will be lost to the world. This world needs you.

Shine brothers and sisters....SHINE!!


“How do you make the world a better place?” is the question in 12 days journal #324

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