March 10, 2010

Day 10 Lovin Nelson- When They Come Back

I GOT A JOURNAL BACK!!! Not handed to me, like the first one that came back, or mailed to Jeremy in the States, this one came to me...ME! *I* got a journal in the took waiting for nearly the whole project to be done for it to happen but it finally did! (BIG SMILE)

It is 12 days journal #102. I left it with artist Ava Avione in Stockton California. She is the one that lives in her studio, giant paintings stacked over 10 deep in piles covering the walls of over 1000 square feet, and that is just her downstair studio! I have spoken with her about going to paint with her when this project is finished. I need to do SOMETHING when this is done. Life after blog looms in the not so distant future...ACK! Here is the journal entry from the day I was at her studio with my friend Linda. (HI LINDA!)


I have only had a quick chance to skim the journal. It looks as though Ava used it as a sketch book for painting ideas and to write words of wisdom. The question in her journal was “What are your habits?”. She answers this question the way a mystic would, with poetry and woven words. In the journal I found this quote from Ava

“Only reach to the heart. All is real again”

And this is what I keep doing lately. Reaching to the heart. The response often doesn’t bring comfort I hope for though.

I know I am being cryptic, and enough of you have written to me to ask what is up that I know my attempts to stay veiled are failing miserably. I just need time to let this one out.

“How do you know when you are ready to tell?” is the question in 12 days journal #332


  1. I was thinking about your post today and I found this.. I thought you would like it..

  2. Thanks to Carla for sharing that link about book. Wow! What a fascinating project!