March 16, 2010

Day 4 On Time- Not yet

What do the number 18, the tree of life, the moon and me all have in common? No you know? Can you help me connect the dots? How about one female black cat and one male, both who love to commune with me when I am at my most tender, when I am fully open. Or the number 12? People ask all the time...why 12? Why not 18 days 2 inspire or 9 days 2 inspire? I have answers, things I have decided to explain it, but the truth is I don’t really know.

I know I am 36. I know 2 18’s are 36 and 3 12’s are 36. I know that the number 18 in the tarot is the moon. I know that I follow the moon, trust in the wisdom of waxing and waning eternally. I know that the moon pulls the water, and that water is a symbol of emotionality. I know I am an emotional being, I say this with much pride.

Today felt like a new beginning. Today was easy. “Easy” is the intention I set last night on the new moon. That is one fast turn around don’t ya think? I am surprised, somewhat puzzled by this ease that showed up today. I had ideas that today would be hard, luckily I am not easily tricked by “ideas”, I trust my feeling. Today was easy...and that is all I needed to know, think and feel to stay in the easy.


This symbol is called “chai”, pronounced “hai”, it is a Jewish symbol which means “living”. It also adds up to the number 18...I don’t know how or why, I am not Jewish and just discovered this symbol today. I do know when I find one, a beautiful one, I will wear it as a piece of jewellery. I will wear it to symbolize myself in this 36th year of my life, I will wear it until it no longer serves me. Why? I don’t know...yet. I can’t explain it...yet. What I do know is it is important. It is a celebration and moniker of where I am at right now. The fact that I can’t explain it YET doesn’t make it any less important or real.

Thinking, Knowing and Feeling are all important, equally important. They are the sacred 3 which form the triangle of existence on this plane, the keys to understanding love. 3 times 12 is 36.... I will leave it at that because I can’t make it any clearer....YET.

“How do symbols show up in your life?” is the question in 12 days journal #338

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  1. For a long time, the triquetra was my symbol, the 3 sides and angles representing maiden-mother-crone. It doesn't resonate with me anymore like it used to. More recently, the symbol for ohm has resonated with me. If I ever have the courage to get a tattoo, I think it will end up being an ohm symbol. Others come and go more quickly.