April 9, 2009

Day 11 Cleanse- Conception

Today while sitting in Oso Negro, I came up with an idea for an experiment. A wonderful fun experiment!

My husband and I are doing a 12 day cleanse. Yesterday I was thinking about how I have not exercised since we started. I don’t like this. A group of womyn from school were talking about hiking up to pulpit rock every Tuesday. This got me thinking about a cleanse of another kind, one where I could eat chocolate and drink cappuccino with impunity! How about a sweat cleanse, sweat hard for 12 days. Why not go up pulpit rock everyday for 12 days? And so it was decided we would do another 12 days of something new. We were unsure when to start. Maybe Saturday...no no too early, we will just be done the cleanse. Tuesday? The kids will be in school again, but that is to far away. We didn’t settle on a particular day, but commited to do it.

Later in Oso I got a brilliant idea. Why not choose a new 12 day ritual every 12 days for 12 months. It could be anything! Whatever emerges, whatever seems pertinent at the time, whatever would (theoretically) work with my schedule. It could be something big like silence for 12 days, or little like committing to floss for 12 days (I know I should be doing it daily anyway). The real story would be in not what I chose but what emerged from the ritual. So today is the first day...well technically it is the 11th day, of the first 12 day ritual which is a 12 day Wild Rose Cleanse. Tomorrow we finish the cleanse. On Saturday we climb pulpit rock for the first of 12 days. What a score!

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