April 16, 2009

Day 6 Pulpit Rock- How can I participate?

I want more than anything for people to feel inspired to participate in this experiment in whatever way they can. If you are reading this, you are participating! What you read here will in some way inform your actions, even if it is just to close your browser! There are many ways to participate, and plenty that I haven’t even thought of yet. Here are a few:
  • Read the blog
  • Subscribe to this blog,or become a follower (link in the right hand sidebar). Read it daily
  • Leave comments please! You can search the journals by clicking on the tags at the bottom of the entries. If you feel inspired respond to one of the 12 days journal questions in the entry when it was released into the world.
  • Send me emails! about anything! I want to hear from you.
  • Commit to something for 12 days
  • Commit to something for 12 months!
  • Start you own blog!
  • Start a journal of you own and answer the 12 days journal question everyday. I started doing this by answering in the journals just before sending them out....but I almost never write on the front page, just to be sneaky! Or answer in the comments section of an entry which contains the question you want to respond to.
  • If you find a journal WRITE IN IT! Leave it for others to answer OR take it. Place it in a new location, take it to a party, fill the whole gosh darn thing up if you feel inspired to do so!
  • Join my facebook group, I update the links section nearly everyday. Click here to go join!
  • If you find a journal, PLEASE email me, I love to know my little journal babies are alive and well on their journey.
  • Tell your people about this experiment, give them the www.12days2inspire.com link so they know where to find me.
  • AND last but most definitely not least if you find a full journal. PLEASE mail it to one of the addresses on the back of the journal. I know this will cost you postage, I haven’t figured out a way to prepay the postage on them yet BUT they are very small and will mail for the price of a standard letter. If you have mailed one back, thank you so much, it means the world to me, and to others who are following this experiment.
The more participation, the more fun, the more inspiration, the more ripple effect we send into the world. Come play!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bernice,
    I have been looking for you :)
    And here you are.
    I read your most recent entry - March 30th - and have figured out that you aren't in town. I love your last 12 day commitment - time to reflect, revisit, renew, reenergize, reintegrate... respect :)
    I miss you.