March 13, 2010


We had to stay in a tiny town called Greenwood last night. As we left Kelowna there was a terrible blizzard. We were rounding a corner covered in slushy snow when our truck began to slide. Hurdling downhill in the middle of driving snow as a semi truck is approaching is a nerve wrecking experience. We hit the concrete embankment on my side, I could feel the momentum of the vehicle continue as I peered over the rocky cliff into a black hole. I thought to myself, ‘if we go over this glass window next to my head is not going to offer me any protection, this could get ugly!’. The momentum toward the cliffs edge abated as Chris pulled us out of the skid. Thank you Chris, thank you God.

Our truck was a heirloom. Passed down from my father-in-law to my husband. His name was Alfred, we called him Opi. Opi said to Chris on his death bed, “The truck is yours now”. This was a big deal, that man loved his truck. As we were skidding again right after the initial impact, Chris started lamenting the damage done to the truck. I was thinking to myself, ‘You have got to be kidding?! Let’s get out of this alive first and then we can worry about the truck!’. I wasn’t taking into account how much this truck means to Chris, I can forgive myself this, I was after all watching my life flash before my eyes! I wondered in that moment as I looked over the cliff who would take care of my kids if we both went on to our next lives? No easy solution came to mind. Lucky for us this is not an issue. We are alive and well and travelling back to Nelson a day late.

And what a day it is! March 13th, the day my husband was born, 38 years ago! We will be going out for dinner tonight, just he and I....or so he thinks. There will actually be a group of friends waiting at the restaurant for him.....IT’S a SURPRISE PARTY! WOOHOO! Lucky for me I am behind again so I won’t be able to actually post this until tonight after it is all over.

Happy Birthday Chrissy! I am so blessed to share my life with you...oh and thanks for being such a good driver....I do appreciate your driving...even when you increase speed around corners while I am writing. :oP

(Chris this summer with Rose and Lily at the beach in Seaside, California)

“Who do you appreciate?” is the question in 12 days journal #335


  1. Thank you for a wonderful birthday party. Thank you so much my love. What a great night.

  2. I appreciate Kissy-Fur!

    Happy Birthday Mister.