January 22, 2010

Day 11 Meditation- Fusion

I had a wonderful birthday 2 days ago, my family loved me up, and I was taken out for lunch...but.... with everyone being sick it felt kind of incomplete. So I took myself out for a birthday dinner tonight. I haven’t had a really delicious dinner for a while, you know the extravagant kind. With gaining weight being on my “To Do” list it seemed as though a rich decadent dinner was in order. I am proud to say that it was very easy to take myself out, give myself what I wanted. In the past I might have been hurt that a night out to celebrate my birth didn’t happen, kept quiet hoping it would and then get silently resentful if it didn’t. It is crazy how actually just admitting to myself what I want, and taking care of it, fulfills me without all the drama...imagine that!


I went to Fusion, my favourite fancy restaurant in town. The Food is amazing, the prices reasonable and the chef/owner adorable. His name is Jamie. We met at the restaurant which is about to turn 5 years old. We flirted, joked and learned more about each other all while he made me tenderloin, scallops, spatzle, crispy fried green beans with a sweet delicious hoisen sauce. For dessert he created a chocolate lava cake with ice cream and a shot of expresso vodka. The whole meal was absolutely decadent and delicious. I even had left over lava cake to take to my girlfriends place afterwards.

While at Fusion Jamie and I spoke about writing a cook book together. Later I spoke with another friend, an elder, who agreed to work together, exchanging ideas and inspiration, a muse contract. It is time for me to start visioning my writing and how it is going to fit into my life once this project is done. I am ready to start making some money from writing, it is time to start the process of submission to magazines and other publications. I have resisted up until now because I can’t stand the rejection part of it all. I have done a fair amount of work on rejection though in the last 2 years, I am ready, I know this. I was reminded yesterday that the only way to truly be ready is to simply do something. For now I am focused on completing the next 70ish days and will continue to consciously create life after 12 days 2 inspire.

“What gift/s have you given yourself?” is the question in 12 days journal #285


  1. A piano and an LED flashlight.

  2. Two things: a) how very cool that you took yourself out for dinner. I love it. I was too sick to tell you so when you went out and 2) that sounds like an amazing meal. Wow.

  3. I found a fantastic recipe for making those lava cakes at home. OMG, they are truly decadent and surprisingly easy to make. As to gifts, I have given myself the gift of time to focus on my own writing. I'm working on a novel and I'm "gifting" myself with the ability to tell friends and loved ones "no" when I need to spend my time writing rather than with them. So far, so good!