January 6, 2010

Day 7 Resolution- Cozy and Content

Lily and Rosy got new beds today, they were Christmas presents from their Omi (Chris’ mom). They have slept together up until now. Our sleeping arrangements as a family have always been a little unorthodox. When Ayla came along I learned pretty quickly that cribs don’t work for me, getting up and down to nurse had me exhausted and at my wits end, rolling over to nurse was far easier on this mama than getting up and down all night. Which is exactly what I am doing at the moment. Nearly everyone in this house is sick, and for this mama this has meant playing musical beds all night. Now that Lily and Rose have their own single beds it means one more bed to visit, oh but what beds they are! They are easily the nicest beds in the house. I am not 100% sure what kind they are but they are foam with a memory foam topper and oh my goodness are they comfy.

The whole family put them together, well except Ayla who has disappeared into book land since getting sick. Michael started working on Lily’s bed while Chris took Rosy’s. Both girls helped, screwing in screws with alan keys, fetching needed parts and tools. I would like to tell you they are both now fast asleep tucked into their new beds, but they are not. All this sickness has messed with their systems and they are having a really hard time sleeping. They are in their bed though, and seem cozy and content.

I have said it many many times, if polyamory was just about sex, it would be so easy! But it is not, it is about relationship, family, giving, receiving, stepping up, some times choosing greater good over instant gratification. It is about having it all, AND accepting the responsibility which comes along with that. Watching Chris and Michael assemble beds for my babies was a beautiful experience in the every day of our polyamorous family.

“Who are your family?” is the question in 12 days journal #269

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