January 30, 2010

Day 7 Michael Land- Celebrating Bernice!

**Written by Michael**

Today, I'm going to tell you about Bernice. I imagine a lot of people reading this already know Bernice, in their way. This is a bit about how I know Bernice. I don't expect any of it will be surprising. Though you may not know her the same way I do.
The first time I saw Bernice, I saw a goddess on a dance floor. She radiated confidence and strength. If you have shared a dance floor with Bernice you know this part of her. You can see how much she loves to dance by watching her. She doesn’t just move her body, she moves her heart with her, in a quiet, still moment, or a spin, or a gesture. I’ve watched her love people in so many ways by being a witness and a muse for yearning souls.
Her tenderness and care comes naturally, cultivated through motherhood three times over, over nine years of breastfeeding, cloth diapers, home schooling, home birthing. Her compassion for others is woven into her fabric of being. At 36 she has the wisdom and experience of a 14 year mother.
Her devotion to her family is limitless. She is roused from exhaustion to tend to sick children. She supports her husband in finding his truth and following his dreams. Together they have provided an upbringing for their kids remarkably low in media, junk food, and punishment. They treat them like people, worthy and equal.

(This picture was taken just after I met Bernice last summer)
Her commitment to others is matched by her commitment to herself. She honours her passions and nourishes her own soul, while collecting gifts to share with others. She followed her heart to kirtan on Cortes Island, found a dancer that pointed her to California, met a tribe that brought sensuality into sacred, divine to dance floor. Then she found a school that asked her to peel herself open, then put herself back together to learn the technique.
She is a lover and a queen. She acts with integrity to her values and holds herself worthy of honour and respect. She is not afraid of her power. She knows what she wants. She has the courage to get it.
She is committed to truth and honesty. Her bravery is astounding in her willingness to be seen in both pride and humility. Every day for a year she shares the raw details of her life to the world. Withstanding criticism, judgement, and rejection, she continues to expose her fragile growth, her shadow, her glory, and her beauty.
She is a priestess and a yogini. She conjures magic and makes contact with divine. Her intuition is sensitive like the antennae of a moth. She prays to the goddess. She prays to god. They answer her.
She gives and gives; she loves and loves. She is committed, caring, compassionate, tender, and strong. She is a talented artist of many kinds. She is intelligent, funny, strong-willed, serious, and playful. She talks to rivers. She gets pulled by the moon. She likes her cappuccinos dry, and her kisses wet. She’s got spunk and charisma, charm and wit. She is changing, right before our eyes. And like a caterpillar, she has become imaginal cells. Pure potential. Rebirthing.
She is the woman I love, who I devote myself to, who I worship. I trust her. I believe in her. The world is lucky to have her. We are lucky to have her. I am lucky to have her, in my life, in my family, in love.
Today, I want to celebrate Bernice, because Bernice deserves to be celebrated. Thank you beautiful womyn, for being all that you are, for being in my life, for bringing so much to my life. Thank you.

“What do you love about someone you love?“ is the question in 12 days journal #293


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh, beautiful!

    Michael, thank you, as always,
    Bernice, have not the pleasure to meet you,
    but thank you!

  2. This is a very touching post. All true and "if you spot it you got it!". Take that in my friend, take that in.