January 14, 2010

Day 3 Meditation- Flakes

My classmates are flakes. If any of you are reading this know that last sentence was made with love from a fellow flake.

I was to teach my class today. Enact what we at Tamalpa call a “score”, there is an explanation of what this is in the side bar to your right. I had a GREAT score planned. In the afternoon K.D. was doing her score, her plan was to get us celebrating our Goddesses selves (our class is all womyn, just worked out that way). We ended up having a womyns circle which was beautiful and exactly what we needed. I knew her score and was going to piggyback on it. My plan was to take them to the California Academy of Natural Sciences for the weekly Nightlife event. The whole museum becomes a large low key night club. It is a 21+ event where there are bars set up around the museum alongside the aquarium and planetarium. There is DJed music and dancing. My score was to have them experience the place for a half and hour, then they were to open up the first of three instruction cards. First said:

“Notice how you have been/are making eye contact with others.”

Then in half an hour they would open the second note to find:

“Make a change, any change to how you are making eye contact.”

Then half an hour later.

“Take any theme, idea, noticing or awareness which arose within the experience of the last hour and let it inform your movement on the dance floor.”

The idea was to explicitly get them noticing their level of eye contact and eye contact habits. I chose this because I have learned a lot from observing my eye contact in the last couple of years. I was also being a bit sneaky with the more hidden intention of getting us all out dancing and relaxing together as a group, to have fun. This event at the museum is very accessible, lots of different ages, lots of different kind of folk, quite diverse. I choose it because I wanted a place which would not be confrontational but still exciting.

I understand why nobody could come. We all seem to be really full these days, in many ways. I love my classmates, they are an amazing group of womyn. Maybe I can convince them all to come out some other time? I hope so...what a lovely bunch of adorable, caring, supportive, sensitive, artistic, intuitive flakes we all are.

“Where do you like to hang out and relax?” is the question in 12 days journal #277

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