January 18, 2010

Day 7 Meditation- Locked Out!

How cool is that? I am really feeling the itch to perform again. I have to prepare a 10 minute piece for school next month which answers the question “How am I now and where am I now in my process with leadership (challenges and resources)”, using spoken word, movement, drawing, voice. I am looking forward to creating this piece, performing it is another thing, the teacher we are performing these pieces in front of scares me a little. Not sure why, she is just such a force, a truly amazing being...and a little intense!

On the 13th I am also performing in Nelson Valentines Day Burlesque show in support of the women's shelter. At least I think I am, I am feeling a little too fragile to be sexy and half naked in front of a whole room of people. Burlesque isn’t about being naked, it isn’t stripping, no one will see any more of me than they would at the beach. It is about the performance, the tease or the idea of nudity, it can be very classy. The show the Mary Scarlet Rose puts on here in Nelson is fun and classy. I am debating whether to perform just because I am really having to reserve my physical and emotional energy lately and this kind of performance requires both, mostly emotional! Anyway we will see.

My plane is boarding. I missed my flight last night. The keys got locked in my rental car and my luggage was trapped in the trunk. My plane was long gone by the time it was rescued, and the next flight wasn’t until this morning. While it was certainly inconvenient, especially having to call Michael and let him know he had to find a place to stay in Spokane (which ended up being in the back of the truck!), it was an adventure too. A whole set of circumstances and people I got to experience and wouldn’t have otherwise. Like meeting Larry from Indiana who moved to the Bay 22 years ago. And the womyn who drove me to the terminal in a last ditch effort to make my plane. Eating in the Indian restaurant attached to the Econ Lodge where I had a whole king sized bed to myself...though I didn’t really want it all to myself, I like to cuddle. It was an adventure...and I am so ready to go home.

Ah they called my boarding number so I have to go...see ya at home!

“Have you ever made a blunder which led you on an interesting journey?” is the question in 12 days journal #281

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