January 23, 2010

Latest Commitment! Alternative Perspective

This is a multi purpose commitment, one I am very excited about.

The other day when I was sick, worrying that I could not continue, complete the final leg of this project, I came up with a back up plan, asking Michael to take it over. By morning I had regained perspective and knew I could continue, that I had the ability to modulate this experience to meet my needs...but the idea of Michael writing my blog intrigued me.

Every day he has the benefit of reading about what is going on for me...he also has the special torture of every day reading about what is going on for me. These entries go out into the world, sometimes even before he and I have dealt with things....I imagine this can be difficult at times. Well now I don’t HAVE to imagine anymore, I get to experience it!

(Taken this Summer by Michael’s Sister, Poppy)

I commit, for the next 12 days, to allow Michael to write my blog entries. I commit to using this time to both get a break, do some much needed doodling and to catch up on making journals which despite my commitment to truth telling I am not going to say how far behind I am, it is embarrassing! I am also going to experience what it is like to have details from my own life exposed, perhaps in a way that I don’t agree with or like. On the flip side, I know Michael loves me deeply, I trust him and know that his intention is to grow deeper and deeper into our life together, into our families life together.

I am both excited and frightened...kinda that same feeling I get when I have just commitment to riding a roller coaster. The safety bar has now locked in place, I can feel the cars beginning to move, the only thing to do now is hold on.