January 26, 2010

Day 3 Michael Land- Performance

***Written by Michael***

This video is a performance that incorporates a lot of contact improv and acro balance. I think it’s beautiful. It was sent to me by a friend who Bernice and I are creating a performance with for a show in May.

We are very early in the planning stages, still crystallizing some ideas; though we are not without plenty of raw material. Our friend and I share a mutual attraction. We have acknowledged it, as well as our priority to our primary partners. We’ve even acted on it a little. Only a little, though. Connecting with others can be a delicate process in open relationships. We both want everyone to feel comfortable, respected, safe, and honoured.
Fear, jealousy, insecurity, and sadness are experiences everyone has. Being polyamorous is a lifestyle choice that creates opportunities to really look at the source of these reactions. Many people, when they learn about polyamory, reject it as a lifestyle choice because they don’t want to confront their jealousies. In my experience, jealousy can be overwhelming. When I try to avoid it our push it down, I find that it wreaks havoc on my emotional life. When I meet my fears and insecurities, speak about what I am scared of, step into my experience rather than run away from it, I find that it eases, melts, and subsides, to be replaced with greater trust, increased understanding, and the seeming paradox of both more freedom and connection.
Our performance is about transformation, where death meets life in the cocoon of potential. It is about the polarity of masculine and the feminine in form and relationship. It’s about creation and destruction, chaos and divine order, fear and faith.
Fear and faith; that’s a big one. I’ve been learning lots about faith, and the fear that stands in its way. I see how much it is my choice; how I have the opportunities to choose faith, and trust, to let what I know deep down in my heart guide me rather then the emotional and psychological storms on my surface.
I love it when life collides with art. It reminds me of one of those really big paintings with colour splattered all over it. I wonder what our performance will turn out like. I wonder what our life will turn out like. And I marvel at the wonder of it all.
“How do you turn life into art?” is the question in 12 day journal #289

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  1. I turn life into art through my writing, basically.