January 13, 2010

Day 2 Meditation- Going for Chinese

I am in San Rafael, at a Chinese food restaurant. It is nearly midnight. I don’t really like Chinese food, this is the only place I could find that is open. I am dedicated to eating, I am getting better and part of that is being mindful to feed myself.

San Rafael is kind of a ritzy place, not wild and cosmopolitan like San Francisco. If I would have went into San Francisco I would have found many amazing dinning choices...but then I would have had to drive downtown San Francisco, so it wasn’t worth it. If I would have made my plane I would have arrived with plenty of time to eat, would have went to Cafe Gratitude, for delicious raw cuisine, or Sol Food for Puerto Rican food that is way beyond delicious, but I didn’t and so I am taking what I can get.

I arrived in the Bay Area at just after 9:00, went to get my car rental which didn’t materialize. I rented another at double the cost, ugh. Lost my cell phone. Found my cell phone. Called home and found out the neighbours had called the cops on Chris because his truck got stuck in the driveway and he couldn’t move it...crazy night!

Anyway I am in California. I am going to school tomorrow. Teaching tomorrow actually. Even with all this drama (I didn’t even tell you about the drama that happened on the way TO the airport!) I still consider myself blessed to be able to come here for school, to have such a wonderful and supportive family, to have this life. I love being me.

Night Night. I am off to my friend K.D.’s to snuggle into bed, call Michael and do our evening meditation.

“Where is your favorite place to eat?” is the question in 12 days journal #276

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  1. Takara, a local Japanese hibachi-style restaurant. LOVE the food, and their chefs always put on an amazing show!