January 12, 2010

Latest Commitment! Accountable Meditation

My commitments have mostly been very personal and internal lately. I have been choosing things that are mostly heady, doing by thinking or using thinking as an impetus for doing. They have been great, and have helped me grow, but they haven’t been incredibly tangible, not like walking up to Pulpit Rock or doing a digestive system cleanse. I was remembering back when Michael first came into my life as my day to day partner, I made the commitment on the day he arrived in Nelson to swim in a natural body of water each day. He did this commitment with me every time but once. Having him along for the commitment added a layer of accountability. Last commitment was to stay present to my experiences, a 12 day practice of my new years resolution. The thing was if I didn’t do my commitment during a day, who would know other than me? And believe me there have been times during this year long project where I have been terrible about following my commitments! So I am choosing something tangible, something I can share.

I asked Michael the other day if he would do a 12 day commitment with me. To meditate in a very specific way every morning and every night. It is a meditation which is explained here at the bottom of the page. He eagerly agreed. We are committed to meditating together each morning and evening EVEN when in different countries. We have committed to being together in this meditative state and connecting as deeply as possible no matter the circumstances. We are committed to doing so even if we are out of sync, feeling angry or hurt, this one will take real resolve and commitment. We are committed to our connection and our growth both together and as individuals.

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  1. Happy Birthday Old Friend!!!
    Have a wonderful day