December 7, 2009

Latest Commitment! 12 Days of Avoiding Burn Out

It may be of no surprise to you that this experiment is taking its toll on me, perhaps by reading about what is going on lately or maybe you knew from the get go that writing everyday, with no real breaks was enough to drive a person round the bend!? I had no idea when I started just how strongly this project would effect my life. So the short of it is.....I am feeling burnt out. I am about 9 months in, which is a fairly natural time to be feeling burn out I suppose. I have faith that once I get over this hump and come down the other side into spring, near the end of this experiment on April 5th, that the denouement will be easier, that resolution and reflection will emerge gracefully. For now though I need some comic relief.

It is Christmas, there is a fairly well know carol about 12 days round this time of year. I am going to relate my 12 day commitment to the 12 days of Christmas . Don’t expect much other more than a crazy stretch in relating the song to my daily commitment. Other than that I won’t be writing much.... I am taking a bit of a break!


I want to dedicate this commitment to my friend James, creator of Puppetji. We talked in the summer about doing this, he made many a funny joke, he is a VERY funny man. So James this commitment is inspired by you and your refreshing use of humour to deal with the day to day. I love you brother.

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