December 27, 2009

Day 9 Gift of Presence- Intention

It is 8:01pm. I am sitting here writing because it is one of the things on my “TO DO” list for tonight. I am leaving with Rosy and Ayla bright and early in the morning, stopping to get gas and breakfast buns at Oso then off to the Crawford Bay ferry to start our trip towards Alberta. We are going to Intention Alberta 3, an intimate indoor festival in the frozen land of Alberta. We will be followed by the rest of our family when Chris and Lily are well enough to travel.


This will be my first time at Intention, Michael has been going for years. Here is a little blurb from the website explaining it co-creative nature.

“Intention is a gathering purposed towards delivering a completely co-created experience that allows all inhabitants to try on the future that we wish to live-into-being.
Intention has been called Practice Heaven by folks in the past. Imagine the exact sort of world that you seek to enjoy: the sights, sounds and feelings; the relationships and communities; the learning and play; the initiatives and expressions: And then, write all of those things down and come create them with us exactly as you want them. THAT is Intention.

We create a container in which all needs are met with glorious, lavish abundance (organic foods, rustic cabins, beautiful surroundings) and then we
create the living experience that we have always wanted out of this life. We do this by teaching each other through workshops, playshops, games, talks, hikes and videos that allow us to explore each facet of this expanded and aware world. We also do this by eating long and elaborate organic meals, all together, creating a stunning community tapestry. We also do this by sharing our gifts and talents with people who are giddy to receive them (everyone at the gathering). And lastly, we do this by dancing like nobody is watching, All Night Long.”

Eating wholesome food, hunkering down in warm cabins, sharing ideas and vision, sounds like just what I need.

There one more thing off my list!

“What are you intentions for the coming year?” is the question in 12 days journal #259

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