December 19, 2009

Latest Commitment! What do you want for Christmas?

It is that time of year where so many of us suffer from the angst of both loving and hating this festive season. Rampant consumerism is the thing that most people I know struggle with, though there are the others who don’t like the loss of what they consider to the “Reason for the Season”. I do have some gifts ready for wrapping, treasures for my family, and do admit I love this tradition. I can’t poo poo Christmas, there is too much happiness and joy that can be found so long as I don’t get wrapped up in cranky complaints. It is stressful though and many years I have found that while I was making many gifts, I was disappearing from my family at this time when family is the key to the delight of the season. So this is the gift I am giving for the next 12 days, myself.

I commit for the next 12 days to giving MYSELF to members of my family, both those who are officially sanctioned an those who have become family by way of being brothers and sisters who care for me and allow me to care for them. I plan to do this is a very specific way.

“The future is a mystery,
The past history,
Right now is a gift,
This is why it is called the present.

I commit to spending time with loved ones and remaining present. I already have a date with my Lily Rain to do collaborative doodle, one of my all time favourite ways to spend time with beautiful people.

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