December 19, 2009

Day 1 Gift of Presence- Ordinary Miracles

Today I saw Jahan Khalighi. No word of a lie, I know it seems too crazy to be true. He showed up at the studio and watched us dance, waiting for the space to open up for some sort of drumming event. He played downstairs while we got ready to free up the space for him and a friend. I am in awe of the alignment of the universe. I mean I know it happens all the time, I imagine you have experienced it too, the thinking about someone and then them showing up thing. It is actually quite ordinary, still seems amazing to me each and every time though. The ordinary things quite often seem to be the most miraculous.

My gift of presence today was singing and being completely present with my lovely friend K.D and with Jai Uttal. We went to sing Kirtan with him at Open Secret in San Rafael. When he came out to play he asked what I was doing there, something he asks each and every time I am in the audience. I always answer the same thing, “I came to sing with you Jai.” I love this little ritual, love being seen and appreciated by a man who made a huge difference at one of the hardest times in my life. In 5 days it will be exactly 3 years ago that my father in law died. Quite possible it was EXACTLY 3 years ago today that I walked into a rock and gem shop to buy sage for the inevitable funeral and heard Jai’s voice, he was speaking about LOVE. His words touched me deeply, I begged to buy the store copy of the CD, the only one they had left, and listened to his invocation over and over again, it gave me the strength the get through the loss my children's grandfather, my husbands father, my mother in laws husband of over 30 years, and of a man who for 14 years was a father to me. I met Jai 6 months later, just weeks after Chris’ accident. He was delightful and humble, a bhakti King. We formed a bond and now 2 1/2 years later I feel so blessed to be able to give him the gift of my voice, dance and presence, responding to his call in the Kirtan with love and devotion for God.

Today was a very good day indeed, and I got to share it with a couple members of my chosen family; Jai, and Krishna Devita...I love you both very much.

“Is there someone who came into you life when you were struggling who helped you through it?” is the question in 12 days journal #251

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