December 28, 2009

Day 10 Gift of Presence- Alberta Bound

Today I get to see Michael again. He has been gone for a couple of weeks, this is the longest we have spent apart since he hitchhiked out to Nelson so we could travel together to Victoria and work with the L.O.V.E Collective. When I speak to Michael on the phone I can hear in his voice how much he wants to see me again, not to mention he is telling me so over and over and over again. It is nice to be loved. I am very excited to see his beautiful smiling face again.

I am travelling to Alberta for Intention with Ayla, only Ayla. The rest of my family is sick, Chris is coughing up thick yellow phlegm and has scarily long moments where he takes sharp intakes of almost no breath, sounds a little like a death rattle! Lily continually throws up from coughing. Rose is not doing so bad, just one throw up and low level sickness. My mother in law is sticking around Nelson taking care of everyone while Ayla and I head out to Intention. The hope is that the rest of the family will follow, will at least make it for the New Year celebration, when they are well. By tonight our family of seven will be in two pods, the sick BC pod and the healthy Alberta pod. I really hope that we will all be together to dance by New Years Eve.

(I googled “sick funny”, it was pretty twisted what I found! This is the cleanest one I found that was still somewhat funny, not great I know but hey....kinda funny)

“Is there someone you haven’t seen in a very long time who you would like to?” is the question in 12 days journal #260

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  1. Kelly: (you know, the other family member) also stuck around in Nelson and helped mother in-law cook, wash dishes, stoke fires and look after sick people. Provided hugs and back rubs...and also theraputic laughter. Witnessed suffering, witnessed grief. Witnessed joy....Read stories about teachers being hunted by bananas...Provided cuddles to the croup infested. Chris also did all of these things despite being very sick and totally exhausted. We also had to empty out the studio and move stuff back to the house. It was quite a strain on Chris because he couldn't breath very well.

    It's quite terrifying at night to hear a child cough and then not take an in breath for several seconds. Specially at 3 am.. We didn't sleep much for about 5 days. This took quite a toll on Chris, who is still very Ill.

    But I guess that goes on my blog.