December 31, 2009

Day 1 Resolution- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I ran my workshop this morning. It went well. We made art, danced and talked about our shadow side. To me a shadow side is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, it is simply those aspects of ourselves that we prefer not to look at. I learned this perspective from one of my teachers in leadership, Ken Otter.

Less people came than I imagined would, it was early, people had been up all night dancing. The group was intimate. I had to change my score in order to accommodate the lack of participants, this gave me an opportunity to work with what was, showed me I could work on my toes. All that new agey stuff said...I am still a little bummed.

Later after licking my wounds about the workshop not being spectacular (I set my own bar very high) I was treated to another opportunity which made up for any disappointment. The opening ceremony for the New Years Eve party was being organized, Michael and I went over to join the crew who was putting it together. In a short period of time a small group of us came up with a short, profound opening ceremony to dazzle and include everyone. I was both nervous and honoured to begin the night by leading the group in a song which I learned this past summer at Planetary dance in California. It goes like this

“The next Buddha will be a community.
We are the the ones we’ve been waiting for.
We are the ones we’ve been hoping for.”

It was wonderful to lead 200 people with my voice and have them answer back with their own filled with hope for the future.

There was then a metamorphosis visualization which I danced to with a group of fabulous womyn while the drummers, including Michael, beat out an intoxicating rhythm. The whole thing culminated with two dancers pulling a butterfly from a pile of hand written intentions and carrying the symbol of transformation round the room encouraging the crowd to join us in dance and celebration.

The count down came not long afterwards. Michael and I were free of our roles in the opening and ready to kiss in the new year. Which would have worked had we both not had such dry mouths! I was seeking out some water to wet my lips and mouth so I could really enjoy the beginning of this new year, tongue included! Getting back to Michael turned out to be quite a feat, he was being descended upon by so many who love him. Competing for lip time served to remind me what a wonder he is, how he contributes so much to his community, and how much he is loved for what he offers. He is a tender and committed man dedicated to seeing all those around him rise up and show their glory. By the time I found his lips I had a full appreciation for how fortunate I am to have him in my life.


(An Alex Grey which reminded me of emergence following transformation...stunning!)

“What was your most memorable New Years Eve?” is the question in 12 days journal # 263

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