December 26, 2009

Day 8 Gift of Presence- Art Begets Art

Watch this video, it is amazing. In the beginning it might seem just good, it is obvious she is talented, wait though, it evolves into not just one piece of sand art but an entire story. It is a story which I don’t really know, I know only the very basics, that the Ukraine was invaded by Germany during WW2. By watching the reaction of the people in the audience it is obvious there is still a great deal of pain connected to this story, this history. The reaction of the audience is as moving as the art.

Art really is so very important. As I see it art has two purposes. The first being for the artist to tell a story, a way to get something that is on the inside out into the world. The second purpose is for the audience, to stir something or not, for them to love it or not, for them to be informed in some way, any way so that it catalyses some sort of change or insight. When thing are really flowing this creates a cycle where by the inspiration from the art catalysis another creation, and so on and so on. And the word “art” need not be grandiose, art is just something which is created from the mind, body and/or soul. This little piece of writing you eyes are running over at this very moment is a little humble piece of art concocted from a combination experiencing this video, and adding my own musings and ideas. It would please me so very much if someone out there took these words and in some way, a doodle perhaps or a conversation, created art. Art is what makes the world beautiful.

“ What is the purpose of art?” is the question in 12 days journal #258

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  1. Wow. I actually had to pause and go get tissues! LOL. Thanks for sharing this amazing video.