December 31, 2009

Latest Commitment! Resolution

How perfect is this?! That a new commitment should arrive right here on New Years Eve, a day infamous for resolutions. I have made a resolution for this year with the intention that for first 12 days I would keep it secret, then revel it on the last day and make it a life long habit.

I commit to using the next 12 days to hone my New Years resolution, to cultivate a strong practice of... something I will revel in 12 days. I commit to using this blog to chronicle the beginning of this cultivation in order to really actively commit to it, this is where the daily 12 days journal question will arise from.




  1. Sister~friend. I have not spoken or written with you, traded stories with you in what seems like eons! I miss our long have become one of the dearest friends I have never met!

    Little do you know that I have followed every page of this blog, each carefully written entry with awe and amazement. The way you share yourself, unveiled, curious and honest, is so incredibly inspiring to me.

    This new year I send you love and strength. I notice there are 97 days left. May you carry on dear sister in this most amazing journey of discovering your true essence!

    Much love to you!!


  2. I love you Franny. Thank you for being a sister. Lets connect ok? Soon, for real.