February 13, 2010

Day 9 Decision Time- Inga

Well I finally did it, I particiapted in a Burlesque show. I love Burlesque, it is all about celebrating the sexiness of us gorgoues human beings. The show which is put on here in Nelson by Mary Scarlet Rose rivals any done in a big center. She celebrates diversity; diversity of body types, sexuality and performance style. The show is done as a fund rasier for the Womens Shelter. It is also a service to our community in that it brings sexuality out into the public eye in a playful way so we can all get used to the idea that sex is here to stay, nessasary in fact for the survival of our species. I figure if we are all created by sex, most of us have sex, why not have fun with the topic?!

Just to be clear, since I reread that last paragraph and thought to myself, “Geez Bernice they might think that Burlesque means sex show!. Burlesque is a dance where clothese are sexily removed. Different performers do it differently, there were many acts where nothing was removed, a few where only a few items were removed and a few more where the performers went down to pasties (glued on nipple covers), and tiny panties (or a fake minge ...click on the word if you want to know what it is). I was the sweeper, which means I went out in a sexy costume inbetween acts and collected what had been left behind. This involves a lot of bending over to show off cute frilly panties and antics, playing with the audience and otherperformers. It was perfect for me, no coreography or rehearsals, lots of stage time and many oppurtunities to play. I have a wonderful experience and who knows, maybe next year I will take off an item or two.


”How do you like to play?“ is the question in 12 days journal #307

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  1. Witty word play is my favorite, although I'm not always as good at it as I'd like to be, while other times I'm really on fire. LOL. Playing with my kids is a close second. And now that my daughter is 8, and really starting to "get" humor and sarcasm and word play, I'm having fun being able to do both at the same time! :-)