February 15, 2010

Day 11 Decision Time- Home?

I am off to California again. I leave the day after tomorrow. I will be going to Esalen to dance. Packing for Esalen is complicated, for me at least. I have to pack enough clothes to sweat through them at least twice a day. They have to work for a whole variety of possibilities when it comes to the weather. I have been to Big Sur in the summer when it was freezing cold and in the winter when we were sunbathing nude during lunch break. And of course lets face it, the MOST important thing is that the clothes look damn good! I really love to dress up.

My trip this time will last for 10 days, it is a long one. The desision I am making will impact how often I continue to travel. I love my time in California. I love the places where I have become a regular, the food, my friends, the dancing. It is also begining to wear on me, on my girls, on Chris. It is my second home, and it is causing some strain on my first.

I am still very much undecided. One minute I am convinced I am going to choose one thing, 20 minutes later I want to choose the other. Sigh.

“Where do you consider to be your second home?” is the question in 12 days journal #309

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  1. I don't have a second home, I don't think. Nothing feels as warm and welcome and comfortable as my first. I can't imagine feeling this good anywhere else.