February 8, 2010

Day 4 Decision Time- The Source Eternal

“Incredible though it seems, it is a fact
That Prana and pure consciousness react
On one another to produce the myth
Of this stupendous world we battle with.

Then consciousness a wondrous aspect wears,
So lofty and sublime that all our fears
And doubts about ourselves dissolve at once,
As if illuminated by one hundred suns
Of knowledge to be assured the Vision seen
Is that which will be , is and e’er has been;
The Source Eternal of all that is known.

The world of that too by which it is shown
The mind and process by which this is done:
The whole scheme of creation in but One

In this amazing Presence all
The staggering worlds, which awe us and enthral,
Become a ghostly shadow seen at night;
A far- off melting cloud in sunshine bright,
While mind, with ego vastly whittled down,
In mute astonishment sees itself drown,
Into one all-enfolding life sublime,
Only pure consciousness, devoid of time
And space, one all-embracing world of love
And joy not found on earth or heaven above.“

-Gopi Krishna


”Do you believe in a path to enlightenment?“ is the question in 12 days journal #302

I don’t often answer my own question here on the blog, this time though I feel pulled to comment.

I have never really considered enlightenment to be a realistic or desirable destination. I do however believe that the journey towards this ambiguous state of being is a sublime dedication worth buying a one way ticket for. Committing to travel this path filled with struggle and joy, following what I know from within, what is whispered and imprinted on my DNA, has long been my practice. I also have to admit that I never expected this long winding path to look this way. This path often narrows out to nothing but a barely perceptible rut, one which I question with every fibre of my being all the while dutifully treading on. It is often in these moments of almost complete doubt that the path opens right up into a super highway, furious and fast paced, lesson after lesson, confirmation everywhere that this IS the way, my way. I don’t really care if I ever find enlightenment. Truthfully the idea scares me, I am not ready to let go of all my attachments yet, but the journey I trust. Should I actually arrive at the terminus of this trip, evaporate into a light being, and merge with The Source Eternal of all that is Known, then I suppose I will be ready, at which time I will likely feel ready and will actually want it. For right now I will just journey, stop to rest when I need to, and continue following the voice of The Source Eternal, who is by the way a fabulous travelling companion.

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  1. I don't believe in a path to enlightenment...I think enlightenment is a myth, and it keeps people seeing the forest but not the trees. You can pass some beautiful and amazing trees and miss the wonderful lessons to be learned from them by focusing so much on the goal, the enlightenment, the forest as a whole. Just my opinion, of course, but too often I see people who are so focused on the final outcome that they don't nurture the things they need to along the way.