February 20, 2010

Day 4 Photo Op- Tea House


We make teeth brushing look pretty good, don’t we? I think if the dental industry used us as poster children it could sell a lot of toothbrushes. 

This is me and Jill at the Tea House. This is the sacred place where our friend Dariel spends his days and nights, up in the mystical hills of Santa Cruz. The building is a tiny ceremonial tea house. It barely fits his bed and a desk. There is no other part of the house; this is it, just a tiny little 150 square foot place. Amazing. He does have a separate office where he runs Maggie’s Soapnuts , and it, too, is tiny. We spent this morning in an outdoor bath getting spa service while talking about God. It was one of those brilliant days, after an equally brilliant night. There is no way for me to explain to you right now how or why it was such a magical experience to be here...it just was. Perhaps if it weren’t so late and I weren’t so filled with bliss. Enter the picture. It was just that kind of day where even brushing my teeth seemed sacred, and look...I was not alone! The picture says it all. 


Dariel sent us these photos and the following in an email.


Dearest Bernice and Jill, 
 Thank you so much for blessing our home in Santa Cruz.  I look forward to your return.

  Namaste, juicy darlings, Namaste,

I am really liking this commitment.

“Have you ever experienced bliss?" is the question in 12 days journal # 314

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  1. That's really cool. I loved hearing about your stay there on the phone. Are you going to take Jilly to that interesting/weird spa/tea house place? I can't remember exactly what it was but you were taken there a couple of trips ago.