February 19, 2010

Day 3 Photo Op- Mad Hatter

Today may be my last day in the SF bay area until August, so I was determined to visit some of the most wonderful, magical, nourishing places this town has to offer. In case you are imagining that I am talking about some big, orange bridge; think again. We have one of those in Nelson, although it is, admittedly, a bit smaller. I am talking about Dick Blick's and the Berkeley Hat Company. Both are a wonder to behold - Dick Blick's filled with every art supply you could even imagine, the hat shop with endless numbers of gorgeous hats...and I mean GORGEOUS!!  We spent over an hour trying on hats. The staff were right into our antics, our big girl dress up party. Here are a couple of photos of us trying out the merchandise. We had a good time...a darn good time. Boosh!!


“What do you collect? Why?” is the question in 12 days journal #313, which is a palindrome...neat

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  1. I don't collect anything, strangely enough (people always think it's weird that I don't). The closest thing to a collection I have are my photo albums, which I consider my own pictorial history, but otherwise, nope, nothing.