February 2, 2010

Day 10 Michael Land- Circles

**Written and submitted by Michael**

Do it
With stars

It’s happening all around
Us, inside of
Us, at the centre
Our home is built this way
The one we all share
Water and dirt
Stuck to fire
Birds build
This way too
Our own egg of conception
Follows its form
And we, much more intricate now
Sense the primal call
To come back
To circle
Where we see each
Other, within the sacred
Gather round
The fire, spirit
Burns like a sun
And we, together here
In it’s warmth
Hearts open, ears
And eyes, witness of
What is, how we live
So that we may be, as always
By god
Tonight I’m going to my men’s circle. Sitting in circle is a practice that I believe is as old as consciousness. It is how we come together as tribe in a way where each person can be seen. I believe circle is an integral part of community. Whether it’s to hear what is in each other’s hearts, or to raise our voices together in song, the circle is the container that helps us find harmony and connection, when each voice is heard, and each heart cared for.

“How do you come together in circle with others?” is the question for 12 days journal #296


  1. I think it is time for another family circle...than you for the reminder baby.

    Oh and I think your poem is beautiful <3

  2. Yes, your poem is beautiful . Thank you Michael for filling in for magdelene. I am enjoying (appreciating) your posts.

    I was in circle with my mens group this full moon, and our meeting was a doozy. We sat around the fire, as we always do, but this time the fire took us. Ablaze with lifetimes of unspoken frustrations and passions, we let rip, with less than usual decorum, cascades of Umpf, bellicose and urgent. I saw my brothers as never before, and they me. A sense that something larger was afoot, sweeping the valley, the county, the nation, touching us right where we live, driven by it, both crest and ocean. Exhausted and bewildered, we parted ways, grateful and elevated.

    Circle up! Get it done. Get it down.

  3. That is an awesome poem. Thank you.

    I like circles of one right now.

  4. You can get dizzy in circles of one.

  5. Thanks everybody!
    That was a nice circle...

  6. Yes, it was a nice circle, I am so grateful that all 5 of us showed up.

  7. Like Chris, I'm liking circles of one right now, too, and circles of 3 (my 2 closest women friends...our monthly Ladies Night has evolved into a circle of sorts).