February 9, 2010

Day 5 Decision Time- Blah Blah Blah

Why is cleaning the house such a cause for conflict? It seems as though it is older than old too, like it goes back to the beginning of time when cave mama’s got mad at the whole clan for not cleaning up their mammoth bones .

Just in case you get the idea from reading this that I am one of those neat mothers, like my friend Tammy who always seemed to have a perfectly clean house no matter what, I am NOT one of those mothers. I struggle to keep my stuff in check. Most of the time I clean the bathroom on the fly, wipe a sink down on one trip, scrub the toilet the next, maybe . My home is rarely clean all at the same time, there are times when a whole room in clean though, I count this as a success. The fact that I struggle with cleaning seems to make the contention worse, maybe this is just a story I tell myself.

My family really does do the best they can. We are all still sick. This virus that got hold of us before Christmas is damn persistent. I have a mild case and every time I cough my body is rocked, my diaphragm spasms and I am left struggling to breathe. It is the most terrible cough I have ever had in my life. Lily is back to puking, Chris is basically bed ridden again, though he is so tired of being sick he keeps pushing himself which is likely prolonging things. Ayla is home and coughing, looking sad and frustrated. Rose is pretty perky while sick, always has been, what a gift. Michael just seems tired, he said a while back that he thinks his body is working to resist the virus.

I have a trust in our human form, that we are perfectly designed to deal with our environment, and with our humanness. This is why I choose to birth the way I do, the reason our family deals with illness by using herbs, homeopathic to support our system while it does the work that it was designed to do. I believe that the immune system functions better if it gets a chance to work, and that each time it becomes more and more able to deal with other things which will come along. My family’s immune system is going to be kick ass when this is all done...then maybe we can all clean the house. I need to chill about the house being clean.

“Do you like to clean?” is purposely ambiguous question in 12 days journal #303


  1. Hey Magdelene,
    Did you get my messages about receiving a journal in the mail?
    Can I open it?

  2. No I didn't get the message!! Wow... I am so excited. Yes you can open it love, it is perfect that you got the first one <3

  3. Certain types of cleaning I do actually enjoy, but mostly I just enjoy the fruits of my labor. I feel happier and more at ease when my home looks clean and/or well-organized. A dirty or cluttered home seriously drags me down.