February 4, 2010

Day 12 Michael Land- So Long and Thanks for the Fish

**Written and submitted by Michael**

Well, this is it. It’s been fun. Twelve days of having a little taste of what it’s like for Bernice to put herself out there everyday, scanning each day for a nugget to spark something meaningful, hopefully, to share. I’ve got to hand it to her, it’s a lot of work to stay on top of the daily public purge or praise.

I’m glad I have had the experience of witnessing her, and taking my own turn. It’s helps to inform my choices about how I carry out my own blog. Yes, it’s true. I started a blog. Go figure! Since I’ve moved to a new community I’ve noticed a big change in my social networking. After living in Victoria for 8 years I had a big, beautiful community and family there that kept me in a steady flow of music, dancing, potlucks, cuddling, creating, and connecting. A strong conscious dance community that we build up over years of putting on events together. And a number of great organizations that I worked or volunteered with.

It’s true that my life is a little more domestic now, but I haven’t found so many of those places in my new town yet. So I’m excited to use this phenomenon we call blogging to call in the pieces of the puzzle I am working on. Only, I won’t be making a writing everyday commitment. I think I’ll keep it a bit more casual. I’ve enjoyed the exercise, though.

I’ve especially enjoyed reading comments from people, some who have been friends from back in Victoria, some people I haven’t met yet.

So I’m coming out! If you know me to be all but invisible on the internet, watch out! New times are coming. I’ve going techie. LOL! KWIM! ; o )
(OK, I had to ask for help with that!)

(This is me blowing you a kiss good-bye!)

Before I go, I just want to say one thing.

Ever since I’ve known Bernice, I’ve watched her strip herself naked for you to witness. It hasn’t been easy for her, I know that, her courageous truth-telling. Imagine if you were doing the same thing. Image your light and your shadow exposed to the public eye. Some people speak about what they think, whether to offer gratitude or praise, criticize or catagorize. Others don’t speak out, but actions and inactions sometimes do the talking. What she is doing takes a lot of courage. Remember that. Remember it when she strips herself naked, vulnerable and raw. Remember she is a strong, powerful woman, with a sensitive heart, and ask yourself, how am I celebrating truth?

“Who do you admire?’ is the question for 12 days journal #298.


  1. I admire people who have survived great hardship and have lived to tell and share their stories.

  2. Came back to add: love the "thanks for the fish" reference, Michael! LOL.