February 24, 2010

Day 8 Photo Op- Mac Fest

What a trip this place is. It is process land, like a huge multi layered onion. So many beautiful folk filled with light and questions, shadow and yearning. So many on a path of discovery for self, discovery of the source eternal, trying to reconcile the two as one. Letting go of the idea of duality is a process with many layer, and Esalen has a way of tearing them away in quick succession.

I didn’t go to dance this morning. I went instead to help Rachel pack up Skylah and all the stuff babies require when travelling. After cuddles and aknowledgments of each others wonder, she left, on her way back to LA. Then I called my family. There were tears, onions are known for causing tears. I spoke with Michael, Chris and Ayla, it was so nice to speak with all of them. Each gave me a piece of what I needed to remember that I am whole here, even as I delve through so many layers. I love my family, we are so very beautiful, what we have created is magical.

With so little time left in the morning class I came to the lodge to write. It took till nearly noon for this to happen because it is so very hard not to get drawn into amazing conversations in this place. When I finally did find a place to settle down and write I found myself in a room full of my own people...Mac people. If there was an Olympics for new age sensitive types it would be sponsored by Mac. I am currently sitting in a room with 8 macs, 9 if you include the iPhone I took the picture with. It is such a funny phenomenon, this Mac revolution...I do so love my mac.


“What tools do you use to help you in your day to day life?” is the question in 12 days journal #318

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