February 22, 2010

Day 6 Photo Op- The Cat Came Back

This is Jeremy stretching his back after dance. Jeremy was my muse for this whole project and my first ever commitment partner within this magical foray into polyamory. I want to state for the record (and Jeremy) that he is not polyamorous. Despite this we fell in love and made it work for about 7 month. Then we went back to being friends, well not right away, I was a little pissed off and needed time to come around. Eventually though, we found our love again.

(A PICTURE OF JEREMY WAS SUPPOSE TO GO HERE BUT MY BLOG SOFTWARE IS OVERLOADED AND WON’T LET ME POST TWO PICS IN ONE POST, I can tell you he looked really handsome and it pains me to not be able to include the photo....c’est le vie)

Jeremy is the keeper of the journals here in the United States of America. He sent me an excited email a few days before I left home, a journal had arrived in the mail! We were both giddy. I told him he could open it, read it, and share it with me when we got to Esalen. He did.....

The journal which came back was 12 days journal # 54 Inside was but two entries. The first was from my sweet friend Katie, from Boulder Colorado, a reader and supporter of this blog (HEY KATY!! MISSING YOU HERE AT ESALEN!!!). The next was the following entry.

(“This was placed in my bicycle basket while I was in a shop. Why did the person not ask me permission before placing it in my personal space?? I felt invaded.”)

There was nothing else in the journal, it was completely blank other than this post it and Katie's first entry.

I am so thrilled, I think Jeremy thought I would be disappointed. Nope, not one bit. I love it. I love every authentic little bit of life that ends up on the pages of each journal.

It is really time to find the keys to my Canadian mailbox and check to see if anymore journals have arrived home. This project got so big I had to narrow my focus and as you might know it had to be the blog, it demands so much friggen attention. Then there are the emails, keeping up with all the beautiful people who write to me. It is now my full time job, I have worked every night I am here, and likely will continue to do so. Now is the time my hard work is paying off, the journals will start flowing in. The ones I have made that is, I think at this point I am backed up by about 100 journals. I know...brutal, but true. And if this blog is about anything it is about truth!

12 days journal #54 has continued it’s journey. It was given to a man by the name of Samuel. I know that this magic man will take care of this journal, and I can’t wait to read what he writes

“Whom have you met recently that inspired you?” is the question in 12 days journal #316

Sam you inspire me brother, thank you for seeing me.

(Note to Jeremy: Click the link above named 12 days journal #54, it will take you to the journal entry which created this journal that came to you first, the muse for the question “What is love?”. Go look at the comments, an annoying mouse posted a story which I heard recently, perhaps even this day, in the tubs.... there are no coincidences my love.)

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  1. Wow to the comment in the journal! I totally get that.