May 29, 2009

Latest Commitment! Asking for Help- Ya I mean you!

Ok I am overwhelmed! This project has taken over my life! There are commitments to complete, journals to make, blogs to write, emails to answer. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving it! It is one of the best things I have ever done. But I need help! I was thinking about the anniversary story I wrote two entries ago. Thinking about how much easier my life became when I was willing to ask for help, how I struggle with it still, and how I watch so many others do the same. So this brings me to my commitment for the next 12 days.

For the next 12 days I am committed to asking for help. I am asking YOU! You who is reading this right now. My friends, those who follow this blog, you who is reading this for the first time, even those who have already received or written in a journal, to email me a question for the journal of the day. If you feel inspired (and I SO hope you do!) please also send me an answer to the question. Email me at, and include your address if you live far away. This way I can send YOU the 12 days journal of the day, for you to send out into the world.

How does this help me? It gives me a break. I will post your question (and answer, if you send one) to the blog. This can be done anonymously or with your first name, just let me know what you would prefer. I will write something in response to the question. I will still write everyday, but with less pressure to climb a mountain, find a stranger, go to an event, etc. I need some time to build up energy for the next two 12 day commitments, which will be done mostly in the United States. In mid June I am going to Esalen, then returning to school, going to dance camp and then finally my family and I will road trip home through California, Utah and Washington. With the help of this 12 days commitment of asking for help, I will be able to take care of all I need to before embarking on this exciting journey. A journey where I will get to connect with you all while on the road.

I want to say THANK YOU!! in advance. If you get to this point in this post, and are thinking any of the following;

“I can’t come up with a good question”

“She doesn’t mean me”

“She probably has enough responses already”

or anything even remotely similar I can tell you this, YOU ARE WRONG! and I don’t say that very often. If you get to this sentence right here and have even the slightest interest in participating in this experiment then click here ----> and send me a question! SERIOUSLY!

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