May 17, 2009

Latest Commitment! Community Support- Feeding the Flow

Nelson is such an amazing community, in so many ways. I have wanted to live here since I was 14, it took me nearly 20 years to get here, and now I am home. For this next 12 days I am fortunate that I am here for the entire time. This will allow me to do something with just Nelson in mind. On Friday night I went to see The Mary Scarlet Revue, a neo-vaudville style variety show. Performing in the show was my good Friend Erin who teaches Latin World fusion dance on Wednesday nights. The night before I watched so other local talent who have yet to name themselves at the Coconut Lounge. There is so much talent in this little mountain town of 10, 000 I could easily attend a show, class or opening everyday for 12 days and still have the difficult task of choosing between. And so this is what I am going to do! Starting today with attending a yoga class at our fantastic home town studio, Shanti Yoga Studio. I used to go to Shanti all the time when we first moved here, but life got full and while I do “Yoga” in the broader sense each and everyday, my assana practice has fallen away. Today I will go find it again.

I have been loving the comments on the blog, please keep them coming. It is the strangest thing, I have tried to leave a few comments myself but for some reason that I can not figure out despite dedicating a number of hours to it, it just won’t let me. So I decided it was a sign to leave the comments as domain for my readers. There has been many insights and certainly much bravery in what has been left so far, thank you for trusting this space I have created, for opening your hearts. Keep em coming!

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