May 23, 2009

Day 7 Community Support- Secrets


Ever since Chris’ mother read Post Secrets, and divulged that Chris had a sister, I have been obsessed. I have read the Post Secrets blog, posted a comment (which mysteriously disappeared, I wonder if it was because I linked the comment to this blog?), I have watched all of Frank Warren’s (the creator of Post Secret) videos on you tube, and dreamt up more than a couple of my own Post Secret postcards. Partially this obsession has to do with procrastination. I was putting off writing this today. I have a couple of secrets, hell I have a bunch, but I have two pertinent to this project.

First Secret. I am worried that writing every day is ruining my artistry in this skill. I worry that writing every day, as opposed to only when I am inspired, is causing me to write predictably. And that by being predictable every day, I am forming a habit of predictability. How is that for a vicious cycle?

Second secret. I don’t know if I can do this. I am not yet 2 months in, and I don’t know that I can do this for over 10 more. It is overwhelming and takes up a lot of my time.

These secrets (and one more) are written deep inside 12 days journal #40 which asks, “Do you have a secret?” I will take it with me to The Velvet Underground tonight when I go to see...hmmm. Well you know I am not sure who, or even if they are local. Tonight when I support “local talent” it is not so much the talent on the stage, as behind it. Shola Phoenix et el, have worked their butts off to get Nelson an after hours club. As a performer I know all too well, and with a tinge of guilt, that it is those behind the scenes who often make a show, and who generally get few kudos. So Miss Shola, kudos to you darling, for providing us with a venue to show case the many wonderfully talented folk that either live here or come through town. Without venues there would be no place for talent to perform and our funky, artsy scene would dry up leaving this town one dull place to live.


  1. Have you checked out "Not proud" and "group hug" sites, for those confessing secrets anomynously?

  2. I already confessed my secret in a response to a previous blog post. :-)