May 17, 2009

Day 1 Community Support- Cuddle Everyone didn’t happen. We got down to the studio and unforeseen circumstances of a maritally discordant nature meant we missed the start time. It is the kind of studio where one can walk in late, the womyn who runs the place is truly an angel of compassion and understanding. But we were giving off some fairly intense “pissed off” vibes and didn’t want to take this into the room. We decided to return home. Before driving back up the hill we stopped for coffee. By “we” I mean, I went inside and Chris sat in the car “breathing”. I suppose this means that he at least got some Pranayama practice in. We have been together a long time. We didn’t get this far without learning some tricks. I bought him a piece of pizza. When I got to the car he was still breathing, eyes closed, very meditative. I held the piece of pizza just under his nose. It took only a few seconds for the aroma of cheesy goodness to waft up his rhythmically flaring nostrils and POP! open went one eye. A smile quickly followed. Humour and offerings of food are always a sure bet for reconciliation.

Still wanting to get some activity in we went for a hike with Chris’ mom, and our friends Kelly and Dallas. Kelly Shpeley is a fantastic local artist whose opening I will attend on Friday at Our Glass on Ward and Victoria. After the hike Kelly, Chris, and I went for dinner at the Redfish Grill to hear the silky voice of Sarah McGlynn with Rich Rabnett, of the Rabnett 5, on guitar. They come together every Sunday at the Redfish Grill and when we are lucky enough they come together with other local talent as Drive If You Must. Sarah is such an amazing performer, and a sweetheart. I gave her 12 days journal #34 after her show and briefly explained the project. She told me how great she thought it was and gave me such a wonderful loving cuddle, I can still smell her sweet perfume on my skin.

I was really struggling to come up with a question for today's journal. The dinner conversation was all over the place. It was stimulating and thought provoking...yet I couldn’t come up with a damn thing! As I was grappling, Kelly and Chris started to talk about music. What music they liked and why? Listening to them I realized how much what a person says about music says about them. What they are looking for, where they are at, what inspires them, what they HATE, which is not a whole lot different we decided than what they love. That passion at either end of the spectrum is evocative and fertile. Lately I have been listening to Alexi Murdoch non-stop. I WANT to stop. He is driving my melancholy, but I just can’t. He needs to be heard right now, and who am I to say any different. It is hard to say just what it is about his music. Is it the everyday sadness in his voice? The way the simplicity of only guitar taps so deep? There is something about listening to him that makes me want to forgive all of humanity for all that has ever happened, makes me want to cuddle...everyone. Sigh. And so I asked whomever decided to write in this journal to “Tell me about your favourite song”. Here is mine for today....


  1. Favourite song? That's difficult, it keeps changing and it, at the moment is based on what I like to sing rather than listening to. I just came back from karaoke and my favourite songs of the moment are Sway, as sung by Micheal Buble, and Let's Dance, by David Bowie. And it's just the joy of singing them and expressing myself to an audience.Otherwise, in the usual way of looking at things my favourite song, ever since I was at school is Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs. Always loved it still love it, it's just so cool. It's a timeless groove, an expression of the sound of the universe.

  2. Favorite song. That's easy...oh wait no it's not. You know what's funny, when I hear people where I live talking about music they are talking about people I have never heard of. The songs, the artists are infinitely cooler than anything that I know. Whenever I speak to these people about their music I don't pretend to know who they are talking about. I always appreciate getting to know new artists and listening to their work. And I like this stuff but it never makes it onto my favorites list. Music that I can listen to over and over again is what I consider to be my favorite/s. So here are a few: Under Pressure, Queen and David Bowie; Ruben James, Kenny Rogers; Sundown, Gordon Lightfoot; Five Days in May, Blue Rodeo; Wichita Lineman, Glen Campbell.

    It may not be hip but it's what I like. I actually believe that one of my past lives was spent as a young man in the 1960's who likely died in the Vietnam War. I resonate with so much of the music from that time. Well there you go.

  3. Rather than going with a favorite song, I'm going to go with the last song that hit me so hard I had to stop what I was doing and give it my full attention, and then do that over and over again because of how deeply it touched me. The song is "Don't Wait" by Dashboard Confessional: