May 10, 2009

Day 6 New Friend- Mother of all days

Just when I think I have it all figured out things go an change on me. As I sat in bed this morning anticipating my cold eggs and soggy toast, I was instead served coconut water straight from the nut, sliced apples and a spelt English muffin slathered in organic butter and buckwheat honey. I was given three colourful cards, a walking stick that had been sanded and oiled, a pair of earrings and a colourful tissue dyed scarf. All were handmade. My children have such amazing skills and take such care, as do so many of their friends. For instance a facebook chat bubble popped up while I was waiting for my breakfast. It was one of my eldest daughters friends. She says “Happy Mothers day!!! do I make coffee?” We chatted back and forth, I walked her through making coffee in a bodum. When she was finished she thanked me and went off to serve her mother breakfast. We live in such an interesting and fantastic age. I am surrounded by children who, partly due to the culture in which they are immersed and partly attending Waldorf education, have an array of old world skills like woodworking, knitting, blacksmithing and many more, while at the same time they can use the internet to stealthy access their community to ask how to undertake such complicated endeavours as making the perfect cup of Jo! In the afternoon we went to brunch with my mother and brothers and their families, a crew of 11 of us. Then went garage saleing where a womyn was selling off all her earthly goods to go travelling. This delightful womyn sat patiently and told my daughters where every item they were purchasing came from, a hat from Bolivia, a pendent from Ecuador. They were enthralled. I thought about all the different kinds of mothers in the world. This womyn did not have biological children, but here she was taking the time to care for mine, she was so kind to them. As we walked away from the sale my girls were all smiling ear to ear, they were happy about their new (used) purchases, but more than that I believe their self esteem had been bolstered by this interaction with a stranger who cared. So here is to all that “mother” in this world but who are not mothers! You don’t have a Hallmark style day set aside but I want you to know that I see what you do and so do countless others. Thank you from one mother to another!

I went back later to give the 12 days journal #27 to her, but she was gone. I was sad, I wanted to give HER a gift this day. I had to settle for leaving it just outside of Save-On -Foods where I was headed to next. I knew once I made it home from getting groceries for that nights dinner I would not go out again, so the release of the journal was only loosely connected to today's stranger, but I am ok with that. In honour of today, the day of honouring mothers, the question inside the journal reads simply, “Tell me about your mother?”. This journal was the first I forgot to write in before it left my instead here is a picture of me and my mama (Oh and hey that is Pulpit Rock there in the background!). I have not told her about the project seems like a good day to do that. Happy Mothers day mama, I love you and all you do for our family. SMOOCH!


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  1. My mother....I love her. She drives me nuts. She is a person and it took me a really long time to realize that she was once a baby, a child, a teener, a young woman and then my mom. She has hopes and dreams and goals and loves...some I know about but most I don't. She brought me into this world and I am very grateful for that. I'm going to tell her how important she is to me...she doesn't take praise very well but to hell with it.