May 21, 2009

Day 5 Community Support- Radius and Ulna

I am beginning to wonder if any of the journals are ever coming home? I know it has only been a month and a half, but (sniff sniff) I miss them. I have officially hit over 100 unique viewers to this blog. YIPEE! I am so chuffed. So if any of you “unique” viewers know where any of my little journal babies are, please drop me a line. Now I know how the Old Lady Who Lived In The Shoe felt, so many babies to worry about!

So today a friend told me that another friend is following my blog and has made her own 12 day commitment. (YA YOU Lady! Waving from over here in Canada) I seem to always hear these things on the days when I am wondering what the hell I have gotten myself into. The other night I sat in bed making journals and couldn’t believe that I have only made 50 so far, it feels more like 150! To think that by the end of this experiment I will have made 350..... I must remind myself to breathe, take it one day at a time. It has become a bit of a full time job. I would make a crack about the pay being terrible, but that would only be taking monetary pay into account. The pay, instead, comes like it did today, hearing about a friend from a far off land taking actions because of my words, that is a pretty good return. Thanks Matty for telling me, I love ya brother.

Ok! So, I need to cut to the chase, no deep and meaningful word for ya’ll, just the facts! I need to do my mother in-laws taxes before going out to see Terradactagon.

“Terradactagon throws down thick doses of cultivated improvisation with a sound that is flavoured by jazz, funk, electronic, and world music. The band features Adrian Wagner on vocals, hammond organ, keyboard & samplers, piano, & percussion, Jimmy Lewis on vocals & Drums, and Cormies on Bass.

This trio has been known to ripple the walls, finding the wave of the night, and riding it with the audience into ecstasy. A complete improvisational experience, the Nelson BC based project brings decades of musicianship to the world of purely live synaptic exploration.

A sound to be experienced.”

Yes, I know, cutting and pasting from the website is just gauche! But there you have it folks. I am going to shake my booty to the music of these fine boys tonight. I am going out with my friend Kibby (HI KIBBY) and will meet many more friends there. I love that about this town. Even if I were to go out alone, I never end up alone. Wait...that came out wrong. I better get away from the keyboard before I incriminate myself.

As for today’s journal... listen up I’m gunna give it to you straight! 12 days journal #38 will be either given to someone or left at The Royal where Terradactagon is playing. Inside is the question “What role does humour play in your life?”. I have a few answers which I will write in the journal but it seems appropriate to say, before jumping into the fascinating world of tax land, that I often use humour to pull me out of a bad head space. At the beginning of this entry I was kinda bummed and now I am smiling and making jokes to my 13 year old. Whom, I just found out, forgot to deliver 12 days journal #37 to her teacher. Little sheisse! Good thing for her I am in a good mood otherwise I might have grounded her until next fall...does that seem a little extreme?


  1. B, thanks for this fabulous blog. We lost a good friend this week. I'm helping his son and about 150 other people organize a memorial concert (he was all about supporting local talent)...anyhow here's a bit of wolfville local talent for you - John Kavanagh taught this group and helped Kimberly write this song - I love this video because John is on the edge, staying out of the spotlight (he's a renowned uke player - a virtuoso - classical musician.) but still there supporting them The Valley Ukelele group is part of how he gives back to the community.

  2. Humour plays a HUGE role in my life. Along with music, it heals. It uplifts. It cleanses. It alters my head space. It reaffirms to me all that is good and wonderful in the universe. I have always said that if I can somehow find a way to laugh or find the humour in a bad situation, I know I will be ok. It's when I can't find something to laugh about that I know I'm in trouble. Some of the people who mean the most to me in my life are the ones who can help me find humour in a bad situation or make me laugh about something that I'm taking way too seriously. I'm lucky I have people like that in my life!