May 28, 2009

Day 12 Community Support- Long!

It may seems a little silly that it didn’t occur to me until moments ago that there is a fair amount of significance to today being my 12th wedding anniversary. I am completing a 12 days cycle on this day, the day I celebrate 12 years of commitment while engaging in a 12 month long experiment in commitment. The number 12 was not really chosen by me, more for me. This experiment started from an idea I got while on a 12 day long Wild Rose cleanse. I simply continued with this number which had already been decided. But today I began to see it’s significance.

Chris gave me a beautiful anniversary present. An ammonite pendent with a silver spiral overlay. Both the ammonite and the spiral have much significance in my life. As I searched round the net looking for interesting information about the significance of “12” I found out that the nautical spiral, which follows the Fibonacci sequence, has a connection to the number 12 in sacred geometry. I will not pretend to fully understand the connection, but that it was gifted it to me today with no knowledge by either of us of it’s meaning, is mystically synchronistic. I will take this over understanding, for today felt both mystical and synchronistic.

I woke up and prepared to teach my first ever movement class here in Nelson. I was nervous. It turned out I had no need to be. The class was only 6 people, but it was a grand 6. I had built a beautiful altered space at the front of the room with fresh lilacs, seeds and stones. There were also angel cards and 12 days journal # 45. By the end of the practice it was infused with community spirit. I was so very happy to be able to give it to my friend Dan, who showed up to support me. Inside is written “What does the word community mean to you?”. Afterwards Dan and I went for coffee while Chris took care of some business.

Next Chris and I snuck off to Red Sands, our local nakedness friendly beach. This time of year in the Kootenays' the sun is very hot while the water is very cold. We took a quick dip, sunned our whole selves, then rushed off to get Lily who was finished school. We went to help a couple friends move their art studio. Then to a BBQ to celebrate another friend flying in, literally.

Benjamin Jordan is paragliding across Canada to raise money to send kids to camp. He touched down at Lakeside Park as his support crew pulled in in their techno-coloured bus. Our kids got to put their hand prints on the bus, which will be done by children all across Canada, as Ben flies into schools and youth camps until he reaches the Rock (that is Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost province to you non Canuck folk). His aspirations are to inspire kids to follow their dreams. You rock Ben!

I had to leave the BBQ early and leave my family behind to go to my World Fusion Dance troupe rehearsal. There I unexpectedly connected with a new friend who is a force in the yearly creation of Shambala, our local music festival which brings thousands of people into the Kootenays every August for a huge dance party in the forest. This year Shambala is fundraising to get Nelson a skateboard park, something that is desperately needed in our community and is put on the back burner time and time again. After rehearsal we spoke, as we watched the awesome power of the Cottonwood Falls, and worked out my volunteer position at this years festival: running a movement based expressive arts workshop. I walked back to town from rehearsal with a smile pasted from ear to ear, there is so much going on, and I am loving being a part of it.

I met back up with my family and just as I thought the time had finally come to slow down, go home, get the kids settled so Chris and I to go to dinner, we found ourselves a street festival! The International School of the Kootenays (ISK) was throwing a party. There was a marimba band, food, a huge mandala to paint, dancing and more...we could not pass this by! So we turned the car round and our entire family danced and created art until the sun began to disappear, which in Canadian summer means way after the kids’ bed time.

Chris and I did not make it to the restaurant until 9:45pm. We looked at each other as we sunk into our seats and, with a simultaneous deep sigh, finally rested. This day had been filled with more community than I ever dreamt possible. Then, in a true sign that we have spent a lot of time together, we both exclaimed “And today is only Thursday!” Though we sat alone for part of the time, as is inevitable in this town, we were eventually joined by friends. Jamie served us delicious dish after dish of creations he made just for our special day, each item trumping the last. We sat at Fusion sharing wine, food and conversation until 1:30am.

So who did I support specifically? I gave up trying to figure that out. The idea I had at the beginning of the day was to support myself, to name myself as a talented individual living here in Nelson. And I am! But this commitment of “supporting local talent” has been somewhat mystifying. Most days it was hard for me to claim I was supporting local talent, because it usually felt more like they were supporting me. I thought at the beginning of this commitment that it would be cut and dried. I show up, show support, write some stuff on the blog and leave a journal, done! But this is not at all how it worked. It made it really clear to me that support is symbiotic, both the giver and the receiver are equally necessary and who is who is often ambiguous. So as this commitment ends I can say it was by far the most difficult one to reconcile day to day, but it was also some of the best fun I have ever had. Thank you Nelson my lovely, lovely home town.

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  1. Right now, I'm just trying to build a tribe, much less a community! Baby steps, baby steps... :-)