May 5, 2009

Day 1 New Friend- Manifestation

Shortly after the last entry I went to a local Natural food grocer in Fairfax. The Good Earth, is a bustling mix of healthy livin’ folk. A friendly bunch, but save the ones relaxing just outside the front door and on the patio, they are mostly set on getting their groceries and going home. I have never had a full blown conversation with a stranger there before. I have exchanged smiles and pleasantries, but nothing like what I experienced today. Despite the fact that it happens daily I am still amazed how the moment i send a request into the universe, she delivers.

I was searching for a single serving packet of almond butter while, holding a bouquet of flowers for a friend, when a handsome gentleman past by and said, “Beautiful flowers, for a beautiful womyn“. I smiled one of those big doe eyed smiles which sometimes get me into trouble and thanked him. He instantly doubled back, asked me my name, told me his, and we began to talk about love and relationships and how to gently lead ones partner to understanding our desires...all in under a minute! While I am no stranger to flirtation and open conversation, this was deeper than I usually go in so short a time. He confided that he is 62 and is in love for the first time, with his partner of 4 months.

When our conversation ended I realized my commitment for today was done, just like that. I went out to my car to get 12 days journal #22 and wrote the question, ”How do you get the love you want in your life?“ into the front cover. I found him just as he was coming through the check out line. I asked him to accept the journal. Directed him here to the blog to read more about my experiment. He agreed and said he was honoured. We shared a long deep hug and walked away. Me with my bouquet for a friend and he with the bouquet he decided to buy, upon seeing me with mine, for the love of his life. Goes to show it is never too late for love to arrive!

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  1. I don't know for sure how to get the love that I want in my life. For now, I'm going with the old "BE the change" idea and just trying to put the kind of love I want out into the universe and putting my faith in karma that it will return to me. I am also trying to express the kind of love I want in my life with my kids and am already noticing improvements in my relationships with them, which fuels my faith in karma and belief in putting it out there.

    Thank you again, Bernice, for this experiment. I'm so glad to be along for the ride! Namaste!